DEM is involved in projects locally and across the western US.

Upper Colorado River Watershed Group (UCRWG):

The newly formed Upper Colorado River Watershed Group (UCRWG) is in the beginning phases of water monitoring and stream restoration to lead to an eventual watershed plan for the headwaters of the Colorado River.  DEM is creating maps, performing spatial analysis, developing a monitoring plan, and performing river and stream monitoring.


Projects with Grand Environmental Services:

Some projects just call for good teamwork.  Working along side Grand Environmental Services has provided the opportunity to be involved with stream assessments and restoration projects for private land owners.  We have done fish habitat and beaver assessments as well as restoration designed to increase high quality trout habitat in low flow conditions.



Fraser River Source Water Protection Partnership:

Water suppliers of the Fraser River in Grand County Colorado created a source water protection plan along with the Colorado Rural Water Association.  DEM created maps and the draft of the final source water protection plan.


Geospatial Services for the National Aquatic Monitoring Center (aka BugLab):

DEM has been involved with the National Aquatic Monitoring Center (aka BugLab) for almost four years.  Duties include map creation, watershed delineation, spatial statistic generation, and sample design.  The BugLab covers BLM lands across the western US including Alaska.



Project Partners:

Upper Colorado River Watershed Group (UCRWG)

Outstanding Grand Lake

Grand Environmental Services

Colorado Rural Water Association